Friday, November 26, 2010


In light of the Thanksgiving Holiday, I wish to take the opportunity to publicly give thanks for all the things I find much gratitude in.  My biggest thanks is to my Heavenly Father for the family He has given me and the great opportunities I have had in my life.  Recently, I have been encouraged to share "my story" publicly and the blessings I have received, so I will.  In order to properly express my gratitude for that, I will be publishing a series of posts that thoroughly details the many things I have to be grateful for in my miraculous life.  This will consist of a total of 3 consecutive posts:  Part 1 - My Orphange Life; Part 2 - My Mom's Adoption Perspective; Final Part - Our Forever Family.  I will start posting after Thanksgiving due to time, so consider it an extension of celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday.  For the time being, I wish to engage in a simple word play activity that expresses my gratitude now:

I am going to spell out the word "Thanksgiving" and then use each letter to represent something I'm thankful for (like an acronym).  Each letter will have a picture of what I am thankful for:

T= Turkey J 

H=  Home (Montana)


N=Naps (yes that's me) J

K=No description necessary

S = Scriptures


I = Ice cream  J

V= This one is a given! 

I = Internet

N= Notes (for Music) J

G= Thanks to Google images.

Now it's your turn.  You don't have to post pictures, but try thinking of something for every letter.  Have a Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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  1. Elder Callahan... We are thankful for you and your service. All mothers are grateful when their sons understand gratitude and then turn around and give to others. Keep up the great work. Mom Moxley