Saturday, November 6, 2010


"Most people in the world today have questions and concerns about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, thinking whether or not they are Christians?? Well I would like to bear testimony of my Lord and Savior. I testify that Jesus of Nazerath is the very Son of the very God. I know with every feeling in my heart that HE Is the Christ. The very savior of the world. I know that He came to earth to fullfill His Fathers will and that He prepared a way for us to return home to live in peace and happiness for all time and eternity. I know of these truthfull statements because of the teaching from The Bible and The Book of Mormon Another Testiment of Jesus Christ.They both testfiy that Jesus Christ has the power to heal the starving spirits in the world. I know that to be true because my own soul has been stilled and comforted through these eternal truths. I did not gain my witness from a man but I have gained it from my Father in Heaven the Almighty God Himself as He has answered my prayers. I know that God loves His Children, and loved them enough to send his son Jesus Christ. I testify of this in the name of the Prince of Peace even Jesus Christ, Amen."

By Elder Unga
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