Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Super-Star Super-Saint

"Before there was Danny Ainge and before we even knew what a Jimmer was there was Krešimir Ćosić. Krešimir Ćosić was born in Yugoslavia in 1948."

I served the first eight months of my mission in Slovenia, which is one of the three countries of the former Yugoslavia to which we have Krešmir to thank for introducing the gospel. The picture of him jumping up for a throw hung in our kitchen in my apartment in Slovenia.  Elder Davis brought back memories of my mission when he posted Krešmir's story in the Mormon March Madness segment of his blog.
When I'd bring up the restoration with people in Slovenia, most people were atheists and very few of them had heard of Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. Personally, they had no interest in it, but when I'd bring up Krešmir Ćosić they light up with interest and find a little desire to learn what he dedicated his adult life to. A great man that I helped to join the church was once personal friends with him.
Krešmir was an important part of my mission, even though he passed away before I gave any serious thought to going on mission. Thanks for sharing this. I'm glad that his efforts mean something to you too.

See Elder Davis' full post about how Krešmir Ćosić brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to the former communistic Yugoslavia and watch a video about Krešmir's inspiring life combining basketball and the gospel.

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