Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Hand of Providence!

One of the big parts of missionary life is getting transferred.  We get a phone call that moves us to a new city with new people, spending every hour of the day with someone we may have never talked to before.  A couple weeks ago I was transferred to Providence, Rhode Island.  Things have been really busy here and that is why I haven't been posting anything.
Moving to a new state changes a lot of things and sometimes I wonder why I couldn't stay where I was before.  But I always learn really quick that I am where God wants me to be.  Allowing God to direct our lives isn't about sitting back and letting him have the wheel.  It is taking directions from him and doing what he would have us do.   As missionaries, getting transferred reminds us of who is in charge but more importantly it gives us the opportunity to listen to what God wants us to do.   It helps us stay focused on what we are doing and we have get new ways to learn and different struggles to deal with.  Being in a city like Providence is much different than being somewhere like Hamden, CT.  Even though I have been on my mission for quite a while, every time I get transferred it helps me think about all the things I need to work on that weren't concerns where I was before.  It can be pretty hard to change and let change happen but as we trust in God then it works out. 

 The lady in this video went through a lot more than we do as missionaries and it shows the great lessons we can learn from accepting change and adversity.
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