Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The missionary social media experiment on the Bloggernacle | Mormon Times

To our surprise today, Missionary Media was featured on 'the Bloggernacle' of Mormon Times:
And did you know that there is a new community blog that features 20 current contributing missionaries? Wow! It’s called Missionary Media: A new way to display the gospel and features online testimonies from these missionaries, essays, video features, links to other missionary resources and one of my favorite features: some Prezi powerpoint interactive slideshow creations that simply explain such gospel topics as “The Plan of Happiness” and “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” and more! I’d love to see more blogs that utilize missionaries in this collaborative and creative way! 
We're glad to hear such high praise of our handiwork and for the help in spreading the word about these resources.   I hope you'll check out that full article if you haven't seen it already, and take a look at the missionary Prezis that we've made or navigate to the missionaries' blogs to get to know us more personally.  Please share them with friends, family, or use them in a lesson or ward activity if you've got the setup.

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